Connecting innovators and their innovations to empower human health through food, sustainably

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The NOURISH Movement is a passionate group of global leaders coming together to empower human health through food, sustainably.  

We are bringing together and uniting worlds that do not normally come together—the worlds of food, healthcare and technology—to collaborate in new ways through a multi-stakeholder innovation model designed around grand challenges.  

We believe more scalable approaches can emerge and spring forth from this kind of creative and courageous collaboration.  
For us, the thread, the constant in all of this, is the core belief that getting the right food and nutrition to each person can unlock bold new possibilities.

This is not a new idea. In fact, it is rooted deeply in a beautifully ancient concept best embodied by the words of Hippocrates when he said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”
Our Case For Action

We are facing a far greater pandemic than COVID-19.

1 in 5
Global Deaths
is attributable in some way to diet
of the Global Population
is overweight or obese
Risk Factor
for mortality and morbidity is our diet

Multi-stakeholder innovation platform

We are tackling these challenges through the use of Open Forums: our multi-stakeholder innovation platform where we will bring together a deliberately diverse and carefully curated set of stakeholders from the food, health and technology sectors to tackle grand challenges within food IS medicine that, if addressed, could unlock tremendous market potential.  

The Open Forum model is a proven approach applied across multiple sectors, built upon Clareo’s leading innovation methodology.

NOTE: Open Forums leverage Clareo’s proprietary innovation methodology and process.


Collaboration is central to our purpose-driven, business-minded, market-led approach.

The NOURISH Movement is:
Focused on action, not more dialogues or conferences
Challenged-based and purpose-built for collaboration and co-innovation
A platform looking for collaborators, not a prize looking for creators
Focused on scaling what works, addressing multi-stakeholder challenges
Safe, neutral platform that complements existing approaches
Focused on outcomes and value-creation for all partners
Designed to foster synchronicity and partnering

From a Catalyst to a Global Coalition focused on innovation and impact

Our story was set in motion by an in-kind partnership between Clareo and The World Innovation Network (TWIN). In 2018, we launched a TWIN Catalyst focused on Nourishing the World to 2050: Empowering Human Health through Food.

Our journey has involved forums, global dialogues, round table events, a 4-day immersive Catalyst session in Amsterdam and conversations with several hundred leading global thought leaders, experts and innovators. The NOURISH Movement consortium effort, currently led by Clareo, continues to gain momentum. We’ve convened cross-sector global working groups that have advanced from ideas to executable concepts, and are ready to shift from ideas to action - starting with our upcoming Open Forums in 2021.


Leading innovators, thought leaders and practitioners across agriculture, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Brian Griffith, Chairman at Griffith Foods
Scott Bowman
, Managing Partner at Clareo

Program Management Co-Lead
Kulvir Gill, Senior Strategist at Clareo

Steering Committee
Jack Bobo, CEO at Futurity and Former Senior Advisor of Global Food Policy at the U.S. Department of State (2002-2015)
Susan Bratton, Founder and CEO at Savor Health
Bob Castro, Entrepreneur and former Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of State's Office of Global Partnerships and USAID Administrator; and former professional staff for Congress's Office of Technology Assessment Board
TC Chatterjee, CEO at Griffith Foods
Sally Cudmore, General Manager at APC Microbiome Ireland and Science Advisor at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials
Diana Horvath, Co-Founder and President at 2Blades Foundation
Robert Jones, Founder and CEO at Roots Food Group
Steve Ostroff, MD, Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner (2013-2019)
John Power, Founder and President at LSC International, Inc.
Jim Thorne, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Partnerships at Griffith Foods and President at Nourish Ventures

Advisory Committee
Kevin Buckley, Senior High Potential Start Up Advisor in Cyber Security at Enterprise Ireland
Lee Chae, Co-Founder and CTO at Brightseed
Kirsten Coppoolse, COO at The New Fork
Steve DeVries, MD, Founder and Executive Director at the Gaples Institute of Integrative Cardiology
Annelies Dijk, R&D Manager of Food, Health and Consumer Research at Wageningen University and Research
Paul Earle, Faculty at Kellogg (Northwestern University) and Former Executive Director at Leo Burnett Farmhouse (2011-2016)
Mariya Filipova, CEO at [stealth] and Former Vice President of Innovation at Anthem (2018-2021)
Annelies Goris
, Head of Precision Health, Nutrition and Behavior at OnePlanet Research
Kyriacos Koupparis, Head of Frontier Innovations at World Food Programme
Guido van Nispen, Founder and CEO at WE-Technology
Lisa Satolli, Economics and Private Sector Development Program Manager at the European External Action Service
Nick Scarlett, Associate Director at TRC Advisory
Brian Schroeder, Founder and CEO at Preventia Group
Faith Son, CEO at Advanced Micronutrition
What began as a TWIN Catalyst is now a Consortium of leaders coming together to activate and accelerate the vision we developed together.

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KIN (TWIN) Global Forum: Innovation in Food & Agriculture
While food waste, technology advancements, and education were key themes on a global scale, we found that these themes had distinctly different underlying insights depending on whether one was examining food-rich nations like the United States vs. food-poor regions like India and Africa.
KIN (TWIN) Roundtable: Exploring the Social License to Operate in Food & Agriculture
The lack of a social license to innovate in the Food and Agriculture value chain is amplified from the convergence of communication and data availability, values placed by consumers, and the eroding levels of trust between industry stakeholders, consumers and customers. We explored how the Food and Agriculture industry could respond by using a multi-stakeholder approach similar to those in biopharma, mining and oil & gas.
Nourish 2050: Exponential Challenges, Exponential Possibilities
The future of agriculture is one that is high-touch, high-tech, has a broader social license to operate, and focuses on the people above all else. Because of where they sit in the value chain, we believe that corporations are uniquely positioned to play a role as a catalyst for these necessary changes, not only feeding but also nourishing the world.

Engagement with hundreds of Global SMEs, Innovators and Influencers
TWIN Leadership Roundtable Event: Global Challenges and Opportunities
From breakout groups discussing feeding the world and empowering health, we identified focus areas that can create high value impact but only with cross-sector collaboration.
TWIN Global Challenge Session: Restoring TRUST in Food
We identified 5 key principles for thriving in a “post-trust world.” These together form the new leadership mandate for food industry participants to make progress on closing the trust gap.
TWIN Catalyst Session in Amsterdam: Nourish 2050 - Empowering Human Health Through Food
We identified 3 areas of exploration that will form the foundation of the next level of work: food as medicine, nourishing the undernourished and shifting diets.
Opportunity Investigation: Test, Learn, Pivot, Refine
For each of the 3 areas, working groups conducted a next-level of discovery in order to refine the concept and pitch for today’s session.
During TWIN Tech, we briefed our journey so far and held a working session to design our next phase.

Nourish Movement